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​MARCH FOR MOSHIACH GATHERING; Yud Alef Shvat / January 24

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The most important march and election the world has ever known is presently underway. Every single marcher and voter counts!

It is apparent to all that the world is perched/standing on the cusp of Redemption.

As Jews, it is imperative that we comprehend our critical role in the actual reestablishment of the kingship of the House of David--through the ascension of Moshiach.  

Moshiach is selected by G-d...yet he must also be elected and accepted and coronated by the Jewish people.

Let us UNITE to VOTE for MOSHIACH by signing the petition and sending it with your local delegates who will represent you at Holy places on Yud Aleph Shvat.

Consider this: Dovid did not become king until Avner traveled throughout Israel rallying support for him. So too NOW more than EVER WE NEED TO UNITE AND Proclaim our unequivocal vote for the reinstatement of the Davidic kingdom through MHM now!!!
The Kingdom of David is linked to the sovereignty of G-d because the Jews strengthened their attachment to G-d by subjugating themselves to the Davidic monarchy. Accordingly, at the end of days, the Jews will seek both the...
As it says: “And all the tribes of Israel came to David to Hebron, and spoke, saying: "Here we are. We are your bone and your flesh.  Also, in times past.....and the Lord said to you, you shall shepherd my nation Israel, and you shall be a ruler over Israel.” (Shmuel II 5:1-2)

 "After many years the Jewish people will be without a king; when they return to Israel-they will: SEEK OUT HASHEM AND DOVID THEIR KING" – Hosheia 4;3


There will not be shown a 'good sign' to the Jews until they will PLEAD and ASK HASHEM for THESE THREE  THINGS! – R.Yehoshua ben Menasya: Hosheia 4;3-Rashi


Anyone who does not mention the Kingdom of the House of David in the blessing of "He who rebuilds Jerusalem"  does NOT fulfill his obligation of Prayer...! – R. Yosef Caro



it's the ONLY answer!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.