Welcoming Moshiach
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The Jewish People are spiritually thirsty and are returning to G-d

The Jewish People are anticipating the third

Beis Hamikdash


The Jewish People  are seeking a King from the House of Dovid

Rashi (Hosheia 3:4-5)

R’ Shimon bar Yochai said: “The Jewish nation despised three things in the days of Rechovam, 1) the Kingdom of Heaven, 2) the Kingdom of Dovid, and 3) The Bais Hamikdosh.” Said R’ Shimon ben Menasya: “The signs of Redemption will not be shown to Israel until they ​return and seek all three of them​.”

Abarbanel (Hosheia 3:4-5)

We see from here how closely the Kingdom of David is linked to the sovereignty of G-d, because the Jews strengthened their attachment to G-d by subjugating themselves to the Davidic monarchy. Accordingly, in the end of days, the Jews will seek both the Kingdom of G-d and that of King Dovid as the two are inseparable. 

Metzudas Dovid (Hosheia 3:4-5)

“And they will also seek King Moshiach who descends from King Dovid and ​from him they will present their request And he will rule over them.”

The world has been suspended, caught under the spell of the Corona. More then ever before,  we see we cannot carry on without Moshaich, and feel empowered rather than fearful when we know what to do to get to the finish line. 
The Rebbe gave us the keys. He told us clearly “ All the work is done. The last mission is to be mekabel p’nei Moshaich “ to welcome Moshiach in a literal way!
We, the seventh generation, were entrusted with this responsibility and privilege, to bring the Shchina down by being aware of and utilizing the tools we were endowed with by our Rebbeim, particularly our Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Shneerson, who’s lifelong goal is to bring the world to its ultimate purpose of creation. ​
The Welcome Moshaich campaign is here to educate from the Rebbes teachings and personal responses what it means to be “Mekabel p’nei Moshaich and welcome a better world! 
Together we will coronate Melech Hamoshiach eliminating illness and fear forever!
"Now, the only thing left in the avodah of shlichus is to actually be 'mekabel pnei Moshiach Tzidkeinu', so that he could fulfill his shlichus and take the Jewish people out of galus!"
-Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sara 5752

In 1992, together with a few women from Crown Heights and the leadership of N’shei Chabad, Shifra Chana Hendrie initiated a series of activities which received unprecedented blessings from the Rebbe and ultimately generated international attention. In this raw and real video she shares her personal experiences with the “Welcome Moshiach” Committee heads  Basya Rubashkin and Rivky Katz, as well as the incredible responses she and her group received from the Rebbe. 

Together, they compare and share their sentiments and perspective on living with the Rebbe, and his holy  Moshiach mandate. (Unedited and untranslated insider’s perspective.)

(Click here for Part 2)

ELECTING MOSHIACH!? How what when why…??


With so much uncertainty across the globe, many ask, “what does Hashem want of us??”


One thing is clear: Until Moshiach is fully revealed, Hashem clearly wants our input in a STRONG WAY...

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Mission Statement

For the global village to embrace and accept, the Lubavitcher Rebbe as the King Moshiach, in order to redeem all nations to serve One G-d in heaven and to provide resources and directives to fully manifest the complete revelation of our Righteous Redeemer the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach in his full glory, with complete devotion, commitment and love.

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