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Ksav Hiskashrus: To Greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu



All Jews believe in the coming of Moshiach, yearn for him and wait expectantly for his imminent arrival. As Anash, Chassidei Chabad, we follow the ways of the Rebbeim. We bind ourselves totally to the Nasi of the Generation by learning his Torah, fulfilling his directives, and carrying out his programs and activities. 

As one man, with one heart, we believe, acknowledge, and are witness to the fact that our Rebbe, the Nasi of our generation, continues to guide us in all facets of life. He is directing us to the true and complete Redemption in actuality. Not a statement of his in this regard will remain unfulfilled.

We now come together with a united desire and cry that emanates from the depths of our hearts, “How much longer?”

We do not accept in any way the current situation, in which leadership occurs in a manner of concealment. 

We want to see our King before us with our physical eyes in this material world, leading us, building the Holy Temple in its place, gathering the dispersed of the Children of Israel, and ultimately rectifying the entire Earth to serve Hashem.

We express through this missive our renewed dedication to the Rebbe: To fully achieve his shlichus in bringing the true and complete Redemption, through strengthening Torah and all matters regarding Judaism, and through spreading
the wellsprings of Chassidus. 

With particular and immediate urgency, we devote ourselves to studying Torah related to the Redemption and Moshiach, and preparing the Jewish people to greet Moshiach and publicize the prophecy that “behold Moshiach has come.”

His holy words presented in the well-known talk of 2 Nissan, 5748, declared “There needs to be an action coming from the people to proclaim Yechi HaMelech (‘Long live the King!’); for the idea expressed in this declaration is that we have reached the time when those who lie in the dust will awake and sing, and among them, my father-in-law, our Rebbe, the leader of our generation, as well as up to and including, David King Moshiach.”

Based on the above, we, among tens of thousands of Jews the world over, declare as one person with one heart, from the depths of our very being: “Long live the King!”

May our prayerful request, our heartfelt and determined cry immediately influence the Holy One, Blessed be He, to uplift and grant strength to our King Moshiach. Then, the Kingship of the world will be G-d’s. 

May we merit to immediately and literally see the king in his glory, and he will redeem us!

Yechi Hamelech

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